Domaine Cazes | Presentation of Rivesaltes Natural Sweet Wines


It all began with Michel Cazes who, in 1895, planted the first vines, but it was his son Aimé who convinced him to buy the 8 hectares of Mas Joffre, owned by the Marne winner. A long series of acquisitions follows. The first wine labelled “organic” was released in 2005, but the descendant Bernard Cazes admits that it cost him a lot of money. The field, too big or too small, must pass a step. It is the junction with the group Jeanjean (Advini since the fusion with Laroche), the creation of the Maison Cazes and the arrival of Lionel Lavail at its head.

Maison Cazes and biodynamic viticulture

A real institution in Roussillon, whose vineyard in biodynamie (220 ha, the largest in France) was adapted to irrigation methods. In 2004, the Cazes family entrusted the distribution and marketing of its production to Jeanjean (now Advini after its merger with Laroche), while remaining a producer and owner. In 2012, the estate was enriched with wines from Collioure and Banyuls, with the purchase of the Clos des Paulilles. The range is divided into two distinct families, followed by Emmanuel Cazes. The first brings together the muted (so-called natural) sweet wines from the plain of Rivesaltes. Vinified with talent and the experience of a long family tradition, they are real points of reference for their respective appellations, with always digested balances and magnificent complexities gained with the aging. The second family brings together dry wines, which after a phase of progression initiated by Emmanuel Cazes, then Lionel Lavail (general manager), still appear irregular, despite the introduction of new, sharp and relevant vintages.