Château d’Yquem: Ranking of the best vintage of Yquem


The Château d’Yquem produces his Premier Grand Cru classified of Sauternes only during the great vintage. Thereby, the Château d’Yquem judged the vintage 1910, 1915, 1930, 1951, 1952, 1964, 1972, 1974, 1992 and 2012 inadequate in quality to produce the mythical sweet white wine.

Each bottle from Château d’Yquem is always exceptional but what are the tasters favorites vintages and especially those of the famous Robert Parker ?

In this article, you will discover the best vintage from Château d’Yquem of the 20th and 21st centuries with the last tasting marks of Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

Ranking of the best vintages of the Château d’Yquem:

Here, there is the ranking of the best wines from Château d’Yquem. Find the tasting marks for wines of the best years of Yquem. This ranking is based on the Parker Wine Advocate marks and which has been updated in 2019. You must know that we did not integrate the great vintage of 1847 and 1811 also marked 100/100 but which became unavailable nowadays.

Château d’Yquem 1945

Mark: 100/100 

« Aromas of Seville orange marmalade, quince, faded rose petals and an old antique desk. The mouth is perfection. The balance is extraordinary, the acidity cuts effortlessly through the notes of candied orange skin and quince, a subtle shimmering saline touch and a crystalline finish. When he returned to the bottle two hours later, he lost absolutely nothing of his energy. I could one day drink a Sauternes equal to the 1945 Yquem, but I will never drink a better Sauternes. Drink now and until 2040 and later.” tasted in March 2014.

Château d’Yquem 2015

Mark: 100/100 

« This wine is deep. The nose opens with electric notes of ripe pineapple, green mango, orange blossom and lemon pie with notes of mushrooms, lime zest, crushed stones and jasmine. The freshness in the mouth is just amazing, it penetrates and lifts layer upon layer of tropical fruits and earthy notes. All wrapped in a sumptuous texture and culminating in a very, very long mineralized finish. Really, it’s a legendary vintage for Yquem.” Drink from 2025 to at least 2065. tasted in April 2018 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown.

Château D’Yquem 2001

Mark 100/100 

“There are 10,000 cases of this perfect Bordeaux sweet white wine. The Yquem of 2001 reveals a hint of green in its color of gold and light. Although somewhat reluctant aromatically, with aeration, it offers: tropical creamy fruit, orange marmalade, pineapple, sweet crème brûlée, and buttered walnut scents. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, with a refreshing acidity magnificent as well as massive concentration and unctuous. This great and young Yquem seems ready to take his place among the most legendary vintages, and will age effortlessly for 75 years. Maturity: 2010-2100 and more.” tasted in September 2005.

Château D’Yquem 2009

Mark 100/100 

« It has a magnificent nose that expresses the component of Sémillon majestically: heady aromas of lemon curd, nectarine, jasmine and honeysuckle. The oak is extremely well integrated. The palate is very well balanced with a smooth entry and a spicy finish with notes of almond paste and pralines in the background, which give it an unfettered sense of exoticism. The 2009 is absolutely fabulous, a star that will sparkle, alive and intact, for many years. Drink now until 2060 and more.” Tasted March 2014.

Château D’Yquem 1990 

Note 99/100 

« Yquem 1990 is a rich and fabulously superb sweet wine. This wine also has a lot of elegance and finesse. The medium gold colour is accompanied by an exceptionally smooth nose of tropical fruits, honey, coconut, peach and apricot.High quality, subtle toasted oak is well integrated. The wine is massive on the palate, with layers of botrytis intensely tinged with ripe fruit, exceptionally sweet. A surprisingly well integrated acidity, and a full-bodied power and richness have created a wine with remarkable harmony and purity. Certainly, it is one of the richest Yquem I have ever tasted, with 50 to 100 years of potential longevity. An awesome Yquem! Expected maturity: 2003-2050 +”, tasted in March 1999.

Château D’Yquem 2017

Mark: 97-99/100 

“There was no gel at Yquem in 2017, and botrytis was very regular and even this vintage. The nose opens with very pure notes of freshly sliced oranges, Yuzu water and lemon barley with hints of white pepper, fresh ginger and lime syrup. The incredibly rich smooth sweetness (148 grams per liter of residual sugar) is wonderfully marbled with vivid citrus and spice flavours, enhanced by a well knitted freshness, and ends with an epic length and great depth.” tasted April 2018 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown.

Château D’Yquem 1975

Mark: 98/100 

” Château d’Yquem 1975 presents itself as one of the immense successes of this decade and at the age of 40 it shows no signs of weakness. This vintage represents one of the best I have ever met.Iridescent in color, the bouquet planes above the glass, a pyrotechnic show of quince, Clementine and honey. It is beautifully defined and intense. The palate is pure and detailed with a line of acidity, vibrant unctuous fruits and a melodious finish that is now fully expressive. He competes with the imperious 1971 as the greatest Yquem of that era. This is simply beautiful.” Tasted in May 2015

Château D’Yquem 1986

Mark: 98/100

” Its exciting bouquet of pineapples,hazelnuts, vanillin, and ripe apricots is breathtaking. Irresistibly concentrated, the magnitude as well as the depth of flavor apparently have no limit. This full-bodied Yquem, powerful yet impeccably balanced should provide a memorable wine for the next 40 to 55 years. Like 1983, this is another tour of strength winemaking. Maturity planned: from 2000 to 2040.” Tasted in December 1997

Château D’Yquem 1988

Mark: 98/100

« Yquem 1988 has an incredibly deep nose of orange marmalade, dried apricots, honeycomb, musk and dried pineapple with notes of marzipan and candied ginger. The palate is transparent with a large dash of crispy acidity that slices through layers of dried tropical fruits and dense honeyed flavor. The finale just goes on and on.” Tasted in August 2012

Château D’Yquem 2007

Mark: 98/100

” Yquem 2007 shines like a diamond. Nevertheless, it is initially rather taciturn on the nose, opening beautifully with hints of Lemon, Mirabelle, and light honey. The mouth is moderately full-bodied with a very fine definition and there seems to be a lot of energy and vigor distributed for your pleasure. There is such strength and nervousness, then this finish just purrs with harmony and focus. This Yquem feels so alive and alive that it is of a quality unmatched by its peers.” Tasted in January 2011

Château D’Yquem 1971

Mark: 97/100

” A color a little deeper than 1982, Yquem 1971 is blessed with a truly bewitching nose that has such energy that you don’t know where to look. You can detect Mirabelle, blackberry satsumas, citrus peel and beeswax. The mouth is lively, lively and simply electrifies the mouth at the entrance. The 1971 has an immense concentration, while the finish almost like a Tokaji Aszu is remarkable.This is simply an exceptional Yquem that shows absolutely no sign of reaching the end of its heyday. Drink now until 2040 and later.” Tasted in March 2014

Château D’Yquem 1989

Mark: 97/100

It does not reveal the convincing finesse and complexity of 1988 or 1986, but it is a much heavier wine richer than these other vintages. It recalls a 1976, with extra fat and glycerin. The wine is very alcoholic and rich, with a huge nose of coconut, honey and smoked pineapples and over-ripened apricots. As with most young vintages of Yquem, the structure of the wine is hardly perceptible. These wines are rich, but accessible young, it is hard to believe that they will last 50 years or more.

The 1989 is the richest Yquem made in the 1980s, and it has more complexity than the 1983. It remains to be seen whether this wine will develop the extraordinary aromatic complexity possessed by the promising wines of Yquem 1988 and 1986.” Tasted in November 1997

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