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My Vintage Winery has listed for you the best Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines according to the Wine Spectator notes.

Ranking of the best wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape

The information and tasting results associated with the different bottles come from the tasting translation of Mr James Molesworth, famous taster of the Wine Spectator team. There are a lot of other great wines in Chateauneuf du Pape. This classification is based solely on the different tasting notes and marks.

  • Château de Beaucastel “Hommage à Jacques Perrin Grande Cuvée” 2007

99/100 Wine Spectator

“The aroma of this wine is really intoxicating, with notes of fig, Linzer torte (Austrian pie), blackcurrant jam and fondue liquorice, aromas proper to this vintage. A wine concentrated in aroma, but wears them effortlessly, thanks to perfectly integrated tannins. We find creamy layers of tar, notes of mesquite, braised chestnut and Maduro cigar. This wine offers an amazing mouth, a variety of flavours and an impressive density. You will notice its purity and length, which highlights the glory of the Mourvèdre in 2007. His guard could reach 2035.”

  • Château de BeaucastelHommage à Jacques Perrin Grande Cuvée” 2009

97/100 Wine Spectator

“A very dense wine, with notes of Turkish coffee, alder. In the foreground, notes of hot pepper of Jamaica roasted, followed by an enormous pit of fig” Blackmission “, of crushed blackcurrant and notes of black licorices. The long final will take you in the vineyards of the country, the notes of lower jaw showing cup and precision. This wine holds a severe power and an intensity, and should lead you in cruise directly in the cellar !
For this year, this wine is favorable to a good tasting. He will evolve until 2030.”

  • Château de Beaucastel “Tribute to Jacques Perrin Grande Cuvée” 2005

97/100 Wine Spectator

“Extremely dense, with notes of braised figs, wipe hoisin, blackberries. The encavage will allow him to develop even more fruity sound. A lot of coffee, lower jaws and notes of coal. A flavor bittersweet to fill the background of this great wine. A foreground with well rounded off tannins, to help to hammer the finish. An impressive combination of power and purity.To drink from now on until 2030.”

  • Domain du Pégau “Cuvée da Capo” 2003

99/100 Wine Spectator

“This wine is extremely concentrated, with notes of mushrooms wipes half-ice, of licorices, tar and sauce hoisin (Chinese barbecue sauce). He is so magnificently textured, with additional layers of raspberries, figs and dough of blackcurrant – supported by his thickness and its ripe tannins. The finish sabrante will leave you puffing, and you will ask for more of it! You could drink it until 2035.”

  • Domaine du Pégau 2010

98/100 Wine Spectator

“Intoxicating and charged, but well defined, this wine has an astonishing depth and remarkable intensity with notes of plums soaked in pastis, aromas of blackberries and cherries, lined with brick dust, chocolate, espresso and light tobacco. A long and tarry finish, but at the same time lush and seductive. Light notes of chestnut and cedar add even more choice and character. A great wine with perfect balance. Guard until 2035.

  •  Domaine du Pégau ” Cuvée da Capo ” 1998

98/100 Wine Spectator

” This monster has a dark nose of freshly ground coffee, notes of cedar, brick dust, and cocoa powder, with roasted pheasant, garrigues and tar notes. The finish is very structured, dense, mellow and always very tight, with a rusty iron note. It has a great cellaring potential : 2030″

  • Domaine Saint-Préfert 2010

99/100 Wine Spectator

“A massive wine, yet remarkably graceful, with important notes of figs, plum sauce and Linzer torte (Austrian pie). There are also aromas of espresso, graphite and black tea. Smell of Petrichor (Smell of the Earth after the passage of rain: “Blood of the Gods”), shiso leaves and tobacco notes on the finish. Its finish is broad and very muscular, but refined. It is a loaded wine with a considerable weight, but easy to drink, thanks to the seamless mouth. An amazing combination of power and grace. Cellaring potential : 2035.”

  • Domaine Saint-Préfert ” Collection Charles Giraud ” 2007

98/100 Wine Spectator

” Notes of Kenya AA coffee, braised figs, charred mesquites, blackcurrant and blackberry. The aromas all work together to offer a muscular wine, but perfectly homogeneous and velvety. The finish will be accompanied by notes of graphite, brown bread, espresso and pepper. Hold until 2030.”
  • Henri Bonneau & Fils ” Cuvée spéciale ” 1998

98/100 Wine Spectator

” This great wine offers an aroma of braised chocolate prunes, as well as hints of brick dust, blackcurrant, espresso and rust powder. Extremely tannic and very heady, with layers of fruit on ripened finish. You will notice the notes of black truffles that increase its concentration, but this wine still manages to maintain a superb feeling of freshness. Drink it now, until 2025.”

  • Henri Bonneau & Fils ” Réserve des Célestins ” 1998

98/100 Wine Spectator

“Another monstrous wine! Notes of chestnuts, figs, bitter cocoa, incense and sausage flavour. A vintage that is racy, very structured and leaves notes of hoisin sauce and charcoal. Drink now until 2030”

  • Clos Des Pâpes 2010

98/100 Wine Spectator

” Lots of cocoa powder and coffee, black plums, blackcurrant and figs, and concentrated tannins from beginning to end. Notes of aniseed and Lapsang Souchong (Chinese black tea) found in the background. The finish is dominated by the adhesion of charcoal, but purity still holds the upper hand. A very, very great wine. You can enjoy it now until 2035.”

What is the designation Châteauneuf du Pape ?

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is one of the most famous appellations of the Rhône. Renowned worldwide for the power and charisma of its wines, this elite of the French vineyard is highly sought after for the quality of its wines and the potential to guard it for the largest areas of the AOC. We can count a vineyard of 3,000 hectares on the whole appellation with an average production of more than 90,000 hl, of which a tiny part in white wine (700 hl). It is produced in the communes of Châteauneuf du Pape, Orange, Bédarrides, Sorgues and Courthézon, in Vaucluse.

A large vineyard of the southern coast that produces a powerful wine, based on 13 grape varieties, traditionally. However, the assembly is dominated by grenache, Mourvèdre, then a small part of syrah (which gives it its particular color). This name has come back in force since the 1970s.

Find the best Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Some castles or large estates are very difficult to find on the market because of the international reputation that generates strong demand. For example, Château Rayas and Châteauneuf d’Henri Bonneau are very rare on the wine market. Others are more accessible on the market, such as: Beaurenard, le Domaine Saint-Préfert, Pierre Usseglio or Raymond Usseglio and many other good cheap Châteauneuf du Pape that you will find on our website : Comptoir des millésimes.

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